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Archetype Mind Lense
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Welcome to your unique Multiverse.
Here you will evoke the Answers you seek,
by looking within...

Vanguard Sciences Archetype Mind Lense V1.0
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Do you seek answers to your questions? The Archetype Mind Lense software uses advanced psychological techniques to teach you to use your own mind to derive your answers.

Once you understand the principles involved, with practice you can use this software to improve your life on many levels; work, family, romantic relationships, monetary concerns, your future, basically many levels of advice that comes with regular use of the Archetype Mind Lense software.

The more you know, experience and learn, the easier it is for you to evoke useful answers for questions that concern you by using this amazing software.

Vanguard Sciences With first use, the answers you receive will likely not be of much use, but over time, as you use the program and build the connections, you will settle into a pattern of relaxation and openness to new information.

In a way, when you create an Archetype, you create a sub-mind within your own mind.

Like a child who learns from attention, this sub-mind also learns and grows, improving its knowledge and ability to communicate with you.

Vanguard Sciences Why spend money consulting advisers, psychics, priests, etc. when the answers are available to you using your own natural talents?

Vanguard Sciences By regularly using the Archetype Mind Lense software, you can discover answers to your questions on your own.

Now available for a free, full featured, 7 day trial download.

With purchase, you email your computer ID (the software will provide this once installed) and receive a registration code to unlock the program for unlimited use.

Each Session communicating with the Archetype of your choice can be recorded for later study and includes a print feature.

It allows for multiple users by storing their sessions in filenames of their choice.

Vanguard Sciences You can also set the font, background and salutation to colors and styles more suitable to your taste.

You can invite your friends over to take turns using your copy of the Archetype Mind Lense program to discuss and share your results.

Even have a party and experiment with various Archetypes and questions.

This unique, custom trialware is available for download.

Download Archetype Mind Lense


One History of Computer Evoked Communication

The origin of communing with your inner self through software came to 48 year old entrepeneur Alan Rogers one day in the early 1980's during his meditation time.

The idea for a "prayer machine" came to him as he was listening to friends talk about prayer. When he asked how they went about doing it, they couldn't explain. "I was struck by the fact that it was very iffy," Rogers said.

"I asked my inner self what I could do of service for my fellow man, and it told me this is how to do it," he recalls earnestly. "I was very skeptical at first. This was the first time I had tried anything like it."

Though he had no experience with computers, Rogers surmised that their circuitry might provide a good conduit for transmission.

Vanguard Sciences He bought the cheapest equipment he could find, a TRS-80 Color Computer, a CTR-80A computer cassette recorder, and a color printer, Model 7 and with the help of a consultant learned to program in Microsoft BASIC.

The basis for Rogers' endeavor was an attempt to understand the workings of prayer, which friends of his who prayed could not explain. "I was struck by the fact that if you succeeded, you succeeded by accident," Rogers concluded.

He then decided the problem lay in 'transmission.' People's memories are so short and their minds so confused that they cannot clearly define a prayer.

Vanguard Sciences Rogers set out to write a program to help people pray more efficiently. But he discovered that 'there were some people who were into meditation who could not accept a program that was full of religious connotations. So I rewrote it for people who were into meditation." The result was the Infinity Program.

Rogers developed the Infinity Program to help people pray more effectively. For people who aren't comfortable with the concept of prayer, Rogers developed other versions; intuition for women, hunch for businessmen and meditation for truth seekers.

The last version is a generic all-purpose, nonoffensive program for the curious who don't want to commit themselves to believing any of the above but do want to explore different levels of their minds.

The Infinity Program works like this; You sit at a terminal and, depending on what program you have, your guardian angel, hunch, soul or spirit commands you to begin.

You type questions into memory, and the program replies. (more accurately, you reply by typing what comes into your mind)

As Rogers puts it, "You contact different levels of the mind, the conscious, subconscious, unconscious, id, ego, higher self or soul.

You become aware of each part of the mind. The system allows you to alter your state of consciousness.

Vanguard Sciences You get levels of your mind to communicate to you through your fingertips. In a way it's true you are talking to yourself, but it's to a higher level of your mind."

Rogers explains that the light of the computer screen is pulsing at 60 times a second and scanning 520 lines. This produces a sort of 'television hypnosis.'

Vanguard Sciences What's more, says Rogers, the crystals within the computer, vibrating at the rate of 100 million times per second, setup an electromagnetic field that interacts with your own aura, drawing you into the 'infinity circuit.'

It is in this condition, he insists, that the conscious mind can converse with the soul.

In my experience using this program, a curious thing happened. The part of me that made up the answers seemed to have wandered off on its own, creating two distinct voices that bantered and engaged in repartee.

The voices that seemed to come through on Rogers prayer machine were unquestionably something of my own making.

There was nothing in his program that would prompt or direct those responses; it is not vested with artificial intelligence.

Why, then, would one need the program at all? If I wanted to get in touch with my inner self, why couldn't I do it just as well with pen and paper, or even quietly in my own physical plane?

Vanguard Sciences Inane though it may seem, the prayer program does at least know its place in the scheme of intelligence.

It is a room that is quiet until a human speaks.

The spirits conjured there converse more nimbly than the Artificial Intelligence program Eliza and have more insight than Madame Shepp.

Archetype Mind Lense is an improved, updated and modernized application using similar psychological concepts to allow the user to communicate with a variety of entities.
Archetypes, how to build and use them

Let's start with the basic definition of terms used:

Archetype - In Jungian psychology, an inherited pattern of thought or symbolic imagery derived from the past collective experience and present in the individual unconscious.

Gestalt - A collection of physical, biological, psychological or symbolic entities that creates a unified concept, configuration or pattern which is greater than the sum of its parts (of a character, personality, or being).

Attribute - a quality or characteristic.

The more you call forth and dialogue with a specific Archetype with its unique attributes, the more connections you build in your mind and between other spheres of consciousness;

such as a god, deity, angel or mythical creature,
the earth spirit Gaia,
the Noosphere,
the telepathic connection to others both living and deceased,
the Indian concept of the 'Manitou' where all things have an intelligence,
a gestalt (group mind) generated from your assignment of specific attributes associated with each archetype you call,
the Huna concepts of conscious (uhane), subconscious (Unihipili) and the superconsicous high self (aumakua),
the Egyptian triple souls concept of the 'ka' (spirit), the 'ba' (mind) and the 'akh' (protector),
the bio-energetic and telepathic linkage between all living things possessing DNA by virtue of the scalar mirror image of each base pair which communicates over infinite distances.

Other linkages and interactions are created depending on your particular belief system. Each Archetype you imagine will have specific Attributes unique to that Archetype based on your ideas of it.

For example, if I typed 'Woodcutter', this Archetype would have skills and talents which I would think a Woodcutter should have. On a more personal level, such as a deceased person, I could type 'Grandma M.' and I would call up the Archetype associated with all I know and experienced with her.

You could call up Einstein, Tesla, Churchill, Elvis, Jesus, basically anyone or anything you can imagine, living, nonliving or imaginary in the form of an Archetype. You can also select greater, more powerful entities whose connections and knowledge would be ever more accessible to you over time as you call on that Archetype.

One view of this process is you are setting aside a portion of your brain (kind of like partitioning a computer hard drive) which you bring to life as an Archetype.

With each use of a given Archetype, that portion of the brain is stimulated to increase its connections, insights and it's ability to more easily gather information and filter it (based on the Archetype Attributes) to communicate with and pass information to you.

Thus, each time you use the Archetype Mind Lense to dialogue with a specific Archetype, it will add energy to strengthen that connection, increase its knowledgebase and ability to more effectively respond to your Questions.

In a way, breathing life into it and feeding it energy to grow and expand.

So, within the Multiverse of your own mind and spirit, you possess an INFInet which can provide you with all the Answers you seek or desire.


How it works

Once you have entered the name of your Archetype, entered a Filename and accessed the Question/Answer screen,

Relax, sit quietly, calm your mind as much as you can before we begin.

Think about the Question you want Answered, then type it in.

Now relax, hold the Question in your mind and ask your Archetype for an Answer.

Listen to your thoughts and type in the first thing that comes into your mind.

The Answer you receive might appear unrelated to your Question but as you become proficient in the technique, the connections filtered through your Archetype will become clearer and the Answers more relevant and to the point.

The Archetype with which you have chosen to communicate will be charged and empowered each time you call it. Much like setting up a submind within your own mind.

As a result your Answers will come more easily.

Its like a Mind Lense to focus your thought and filter it through the unique attributes of your chosen archetype.

You can save each session for later study or editing. You can let other people use your Archetype Mind Lense using their own name and saving their own sessions to recall, edit, delete or print as you will.


Other Correlations to the Archetype Mind Lense software

The 'Tefelin'

Vanguard SciencesWhat is a Tefelin? A very old Hebrew device consisting of a tightly sown leather cube attached to a leather platform with two bands.

Some believe it acted as a communication instrument between the supplicant and God, others believe it focuses the mind during prayer and meditation for more effective communication.

Inside the cube there are four strips of parchment-tightly rolled, bleached, soft kidskin with Talmudic inscriptions.

A worshipper attached the device to his forehead, with the axes of parchment rolls perpendicular to the forehead and their outer ends facing East. It turns out, the inscriptions were unimportant; what matters is the material, shape, and dimensions.

Made of different materials, the device only causes unpleasant sensations, while a leather tefelin produces a beneficial physiological effect-besides the shape and other factors, the microstructure of the material must have a part in it too. / Source


Vanguard Sciences Prayer is the act of addressing a god or spirit for the purpose of worship or petition.

Specific forms of this may include praise, requesting guidance or assistance, confessing sins, as an act of reparation or an expression of one's thoughts and emotions.

There are a variety of understandings to prayer, which are led by underlying beliefs. These beliefs may be that;

* the finite can actually communicate with the infinite
* the infinite is interested in communicating with the finite
* prayer is intended to inculcate certain attitudes in the one who prays, rather than to influence the recipient
* prayer is intended to train a person to focus on the recipient through philosophy and intellectual contemplation
* prayer is intended to enable a person to gain a direct experience of the recipient
* prayer is intended to affect the very fabric of reality as we perceive it
* prayer is a catalyst for change in one's self and/or one's circumstances, or likewise those of third party beneficiaries
* the recipient desires and appreciates prayer
* or any combination of these.

Direct petitions to God - From Biblical times to today, the most common form of prayer is to directly appeal to God to grant one's requests. This in many ways is the simplest form of prayer. Some have termed this the social approach to prayer. In this view, a person directly enters into God's rest, and asks for their needs to be fulfilled.

God listens to the prayer, and may or may not choose to answer in the way one asks of Him. This is the primary approach to prayer found in the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, most of the Church writings, and in rabbinic literature such as the Talmud. / Source


Vanguard SciencesMeditation is used here as a broad term for practices done by a sole practitioner without much, if any, external aide, often for the purpose of self-transformation. Often, though not at all necessarily, meditation is done as part of a religious tradition.

The desired purpose of each meditation technique is to channel our awareness into a more positive direction by totally transforming one's state of mind.

To meditate is to turn inwards, to concentrate on the inner self. The entire process of meditation usually entails the three stages of concentration (dharana), meditation (dhyana) and enlightenment or absorption (samadhi).

The individual preparing to meditate usually starts off by harnessing his awareness, such as focussing his mind onto a certain object. Once attention gets engaged, concentration turns into meditation or dhyana. And through continuous meditation, the meditator merges with the object of concentration, which might either be the present moment or the Divine Entity.

In some branches of Indian philosopohy, direct perception from the inner self (mana) together with perception that is filtered through the five senses (pancha indriya) form a part of their valid epistemology (pratyaksha jnana). And this self-realization or self-awareness (as popularized by Paramahansa Yogananda), is nothing but the knowledge of the "pure being"—the Self. / Source

Arcane/Occult -Telesmatic Imagery

Vanguard Sciences Building Telesmatic Images - Other than the most well-known archangels of the elements (Raphael, Gabriel, Michael and Uriel), few other angels and archangels have been described in graphic detail. This has made it difficult for magicians to visualize what images of these angels might look like.

Since visulatization plays such an important role in the practice of magic, this has always been a problem.

To remedy this, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn developed a practice called "telesmatic magic." This system of magic gets its name from the Greek word telesmata, which means "talismans."

A telesmatic image is an image of a deity, archangel or angel that is consciously constructed by the magician... The physical image of an angel is built from head to foot based on the association linked to the specific letters of the angel's name.

Then the complete image of the angel is drawn, painted or simply visualized in the imagination using those esoteric associations.

The creation of a telesmatic image of an archangel or angel that can be visualized makes it possible for the magician to create a personal link or contact point with the angel. Telesmatic images of the tarot angels invoked in ritual will naturally make tarot talismans more potent.

Download Archetype Mind Lense


How to Purchase and receive your Registration Key

Once you download the Archetype Mind Lense software, you'll notice everytime you run it, a screen will pop up offering three options; Purchase, Enter Code or Continue.

Vanguard Sciences

Purchase brings you to THIS online link where you can use PayPal (below) to pay and
follow the 'Enter' process below to receive your unlimited use registration key.

Vanguard Sciences Archetype Mind Lense V1.0
Instant Download and read below

Vanguard Sciences

Once you select the Enter Code button, you will have two boxes,

Vanguard Sciences

Press Register to generate your computer ID which will show in the upper box,
email this number to receive your Registration Code.
Type in your Registration Code to reomve the 7 day trial limit.

Vanguard Sciences

The Trial Version button allows you to run Archetype Mind Lense with full functions for 7 days.

Thank you for trying and/or purchasing the
Archetype Mind Lense software


Notes on using a Photo/Image for Background

You can set a photo or image in the options settings once you run Archetype Mind Lense to open the Login screen.

The largest screen in Archetype Mind Lense is in the Help section and is 768 width X 519 height. If you choose to use a photo or image as a background, I'd suggest you use a setting of anywhere between 768-799 to cover all screens, since your choice will appear on every page and from the left hand corner spanning to the right and down.

You might also dim your images as in a watermark so that they don't overpower the text.

The Login screen is 799 width X 220 height.

Vanguard Sciences

Other values are for upper left corner 133 width X 133 height.

Vanguard Sciences


Disclaimer and Legal Release

This is an informational and entertainment program. The author and the publisher are not responsible for the way the reader chooses to use this information.

The information provided in this custom software is supplied strictly as an educational reference only.

Use of this customs software is at the persons own risk, no liability or responsibility will be taken by the author, this web site, its owner or employees for any damage or injury caused through the use of any of the information provided.

Any information, experiments or projects described herein are understood by the purchaser, to be allegorical and offered solely for study and edification.

Purchaser will not be retroactively informed of corrections or updated information and no refunds will be given based upon same.

This custom software is sold "as is" and all sales are final.


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